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Karen Quiros

Karen Quiros, C.H.C.
B.S. Natural Health | Licensed Nurse  Wellness Educator | Author
Happiness Compass© Creator 
Positivity Coach
| Retreat Facilitator

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Over thirty-five years ago, Karen stood at a crossroads that would define the rest of her life. Diagnosed with lupus, she was given a prognosis that would have disheartened the strongest of spirits — a mere five to seven years to live. Yet, this was not the end of her story but the beginning of an extraordinary journey of defiance, discovery, and healing.


Refusing to accept her fate as irreversible, Karen embarked on a relentless quest for wellness that spanned over a decade. Her journey was not just about survival; it was a profound transformation that touched every aspect of her being. Karen realized early on that to truly "starve" lupus, she needed to do more than treat its symptoms. She needed to revolutionize her entire way of being.


With unwavering determination, she delved into holistic health practices, nutritional science, and mind-body disciplines. She embraced changes that were not easy — altering her diet to nourish her body, lifestyle changes that prioritized her well-being, and cultivating a mindset that saw possibility where others saw impossibility.


Karen's story is not just about the physical triumph over a debilitating disease. It's a testament to the power of the human spirit and the body's remarkable resilience when the mind and soul are aligned in their purpose. Her journey is recounted in her book, "Starving the Wolf: A Victory Over Lupus, Transformative Strategies for Reclaiming Health & Vitality," where she shares not just her path to healing but extends a hand to those who might be facing their battles with health.


"Starving the Wolf: A Victory Over Lupus" is more than a book; it's a beacon of hope. It underscores the profound truth that while we may not always have control over the diseases that afflict us, we have more power than we realize to influence our health outcomes. Karen's multifaceted approach to healing — blending scientific knowledge with holistic wisdom — offers invaluable insights into how we can reclaim our health from within.

Her story resonates deeply with anyone grappling with seemingly unbeatable health challenges. It serves as a vivid reminder that the journey to wellness begins with a single step: the decision to thrive. Karen's life is a testament to what is possible when we refuse to let our circumstances define our limits.


This narrative is not just about defying a lupus diagnosis; it's a broader commentary on the healing potential that lies beyond the claims of science. Karen's story invites us to reconsider our approach to illness, urging us to explore every avenue of healing — affirming that sometimes, the cure lies in the journey beyond what is currently known.

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